Guelph mayor “disappointed” about on-campus housing waitlist at UoGuelph

Guelph mayor Cam Guthrie has expressed his disappointment about the concerns that first-year students at theUniversity of Guelph may not be able to live on campus. CTV News reports that the housing waitlist stems from UoGuelph’s efforts to combat “significant financial pressures” by expanding enrolment. UoGuelph Provost Gwen Chapman explained that the university has seen a far higher acceptance rate and interest in residence than in previous years. While the university did not guarantee on-campus housing for Fall 2024, parents and students told CTV News that school officials suggested that residence availability would not be an issue. Chapman explained that “we are at this point able to accommodate 85 per cent of the people who did put applications in for residence” and indicated that the university is supporting other students’ search for housing.

CBC | CTV News