Harnessing parental involvement to support Gen Z students in online higher ed: Opinion


As Gen Z enters online postsecondary education in higher numbers, there are steps that postsecondary staff can take to prepare for parent involvement, writes Dawn Coder (Penn State World Campus) for Higher Ed Dive. Coder explains that while mature students were historically the most common online learner, many institutions are experiencing an uptick in the percentage of their online students who are under 22 years old. Accordingly, some advisors and educators are seeing their students’ parents get more involved with their educational experience. The author argues that since parents can be their children’s strongest supporters, their involvement should be viewed as an opportunity. Coder offers several recommendations for institutions and staff looking to manage this relationship, including offering a dedicated orientation for family members and other supporters, offering resources and guides for parents and advocates, and setting clear boundaries around policies.

Higher Ed Dive