How professors can accidentally encourage imposter syndrome: Opinion


In an article for Inside Higher Ed, Dr Angelica S. Gutierrez writes about how professors’ comments and actions can exacerbate students’ imposter syndrome in the classroom. Professors often forget that students are impressionable and can be deeply affected by their instructor’s words. Guitierrez point to comments, such encouraging students to change their major when they fail a test, or behaviours, such as not paying full attention to a student during office hours, that can have an unintended impact on students. Instead, professors should stay attuned to students’ needs and help them develop the skills they need to succeed, and be fully present when meeting with or talking with students. This, Gutierrez argues, is how professors can instead help alleviate feelings of imposter syndrome in students. Inside Higher Ed Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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