How UBC President Santa Ono is tackling the mental health crisis: Editorial

In a recent article in Times Higher Ed, Rosa Ellis discusses how Santa Ono, President of the University of British Columbia, has prioritized mental health care at the institution. Ellis says that Ono has openly discussed his own struggles with mental health in the past, and has doubled UBC’s mental health budget, appointed a chief student health officer, and installed trained counsellors in student residences. Ono has also focused on data collection on issues such as sexual assault and implemented supports for academics who are beginning their careers. Ono says that self-acceptance was key to his equilibrium: “I came to terms with my feeling of inadequacy. Comparing myself to, you know, people that are exceptional in different things, I came to terms with realising that I have other strings, I have other abilities.” Times Higher Ed (Subscription) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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