Impacts of permit delays, uncertainty seen in number of students on campus, tuition revenue

Study permit delays and uncertainty are impacting international student enrolment in Canada, report CBC and the Vancouver Sun. CBC states that the backlog in processing visas at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has had a noticeable impact in the Waterloo region. At Conestoga College, delays have caused 1,000 international students to postpone their studies. With the recent extension for approved distance learning, the University of Waterloo is supporting students by ensuring that some virtual classes start early in the morning to accommodate the time difference and by recording class sessions. The Vancouver Sun reports that the University of Victoria’s student numbers are also lower than expected, which is partially attributed to delays processing visas. UVic President Kevin Hall noted that the decrease has led to concerns regarding tuition revenue. CBC| Vancouver Sun Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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