Institutions host events to welcome new students to campus


Several institutions recently welcomed new students to campus for the beginning of the winter semester. Southeast College hosted its first group of international students with special activities, tours of the city, and presentations. The five international students were welcomed by Southeast President Dr Vicky Roy, who encouraged them to embrace the culture and climate, and were provided with a tour of Weyburn and its amenities and medical facilities. At Cambrian College, the college and Cambrian Student Council held an official re-opening ceremony for its newly renovated Student Life Centre and Fireside Lounge as part of its Orientation Week. “More and more, students are beginning their journey with us during the winter term, particularly international students, so we want to make sure they have a smooth transition to life on campus,” says Renee Scott, Cambrian’s Director of Student Success and Recruitment. At Brock University, the institution has launched a series of orientation events that cover essential topics as 250 international students arrive on campus to begin their studies.

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