Institutions mark Emancipation Day, Month with special events, statements


Earlier this week, several institutions hosted events or embarked on initiatives to mark Emancipation Day. At Dalhousie University, students prepared to visit the Cape Coast site in Ghana”once a central part of the slave trade”as part of a two-week study abroad opportunity. At the University of Waterloo, AVP Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Dr Christopher S Taylor issued an Emancipation Day statement and shared resources for those looking to learn more. Champlain College Saint-Lambert shared some of the history of the day and celebrated the Black Lives Allyship Mission campus group, which organizes events and activities that provide a learning opportunity for the rest of the campus. Western University Professor Emeritus Anton Allahar co-hosted an event at the London Public Library with Carl Cadogan and Western Master of Library & Information Science students coordinated a special event.

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