MB launches $200M health human resource action plan

The Government of Manitoba has announced a $200M health human resource action plan that will focus on three pillars: Retain, train, and recruit. Within the training pillar, MB has launched a variety of supports and funds to support training all levels of healthcare staff and support new professionals who are entering the health care system. This includes expanding the Undergraduate Nurse Employee program to include formerly retired and internationally-educated workers, creating a psychiatry resident retention program, and increasing the number of publicly funded psychology and psychiatry positions. MB will increase its nurse education intake with an additional class intake at the University of Manitoba and 400 new seats across the province, and will increase its doctor education intake. The recruit pillar will include a tuition rebate program to incentivize nurses who hold full-time positions and includes plans to address testing costs and remedial training for returning, retired, or international nurses. MB| CBC| Global News| CTV News Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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