MB releases Budget 2022, invests $11M into increasing number of nursing students

Manitoba has released Budget 2022, which includes a $7.2B investment in strengthening the health-care system. Within the health care portfolio, MB announced that it would provide $11M for strategies to increase the number of nursing students in the province. Manitoba Nurses Unions head Darlene Jackson said that while it is positive that the government has made investments into nursing students, these students will not enter the labour force for years and so will not immediately help the demand for skilled nurses. Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals President Bob Moroz added that a stronger commitment to training, recruitment, and retention would be helpful. “People are leaving professions earlier than they would have originally planned, and that’s causing even more of a crunch,” said Moroz. MB| CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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