Memorial receives $10.5M to install two electric-powered steam boilers and reduce emissions

Memorial University has announced that it will be replacing its fuel-fired steam boiler with two electric-powered steam boilers in order to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The project will receive funding of just over $10.5M from the provincial and federal government, and the system will be powered by NL’s hydroelectric grid. The boilers will heat approximately 60 buildings across Memorial’s St John’s campus, and the steam that is generated will be used for humidification and sterilization at the Health Sciences Centre. The new system is anticipated to reduce fuel consumption by 80-85% and will help Memorial better predict its energy costs. “As a university, we often speak to Memorial’s value and impact from an educational perspective,” said Memorial President Vianne Timmons. “We have a global responsibility to mitigate our environmental impact.” MUN Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.