Mysterious origami artist charms Western library staff by leaving origami masterpieces in library

A mysterious visitor using Western University’s libraries has been leaving origami masterpieces for others to find and enjoy. The student started leaving the creations in the music library last semester, and the pieces have been found in locations such as bookshelves and library bins and put on display on a bookshelf. “We assume this is a hobby that a student uses to de-stress while studying in the library, and they might have been studying in the music library and then moved over to Taylor,” said user services manager at Taylor library Crystal Mills. The student’s designs include turtles, dinosaurs, and cranes. “We have a little menagerie of animals now,” said Mills. “It’s very charming, and everybody loves them. We’re delighted when we find a new one.” CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.