New resources released for instructors looking to address ChatGPT, revise assessments


Several new resources have been rolled out to help instructors understand ChatGPT, revise their assessment methods, and identify academic integrity issues. OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has created an “imperfect tool” that assesses the likelihood that a body of text was generated by AI. “We know that it can be wrong and will be wrong at times — much like using AI for any kind of assessment purposes,” said OpenAI Policy Research Director Lama Ahmad said. “We are emphasizing how important it is to keep a human in the loop … and that it’s just one data point among many others.” Meanwhile, York University has launched new web resources for instructors and teaching assistants. The resources provide information on what generative AI technology can and cannot do, outline ethics and institutional expectations, and offer suggestions for leveraging AI as a learning tool in the classroom.

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