Niagara launches new Accessibility Hub to provide resources to community organizations

Niagara College has announced the launch of a new Accessibility Hub that will provide over 55 digital resources to community organizations. The hub’s resources are open-source in nature so that they can be flexibly used and adapted by external organizations, and cover topics such as improving accessibility on the web, in learning materials, and in student experiences. The hub was funded by a $230K grant from the Virtual Learning Strategy. “This is a hugely impactful resource for Niagara College, but also for the broader community seeking to create more accessible and inclusive communications and events,” said Niagara Director of Teaching and Learning Innovation Natasha Patrito Hannon. “The Hub was designed for educators and non-educators alike to build accessibility-first habits into all facets of their work.” Niagara Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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