NorQuest, RLI open Rupertsland Métis Student Centre for Métis students in the region 


NorQuest College and the Rupertsland Institute (RLI) have partnered to open the Rupertsland Métis Student Centre, which is reportedly the first student centre of its kind. The centre—which is located on NorQuest’s campus—will provide services and supports that boost postsecondary attainment and encourage engagement with Métis culture. The services offered by the centre will include Métis Education Training Information Services Advisors, Métis student resources, and financial supports. The centre’s concept, interior design, and exterior graphics were created by current and former students. Métis students from any postsecondary institutions in the region are welcome to use its services, while non-Métis students are invited to use the centre as a study space and place to learn about Métis culture.