Olds, SAIT gifted equipment to bolster hands-on learning


Olds College of Agriculture and Technology and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology have each received equipment donations from local industry. Olds and SeedMaster Manufacturing Ltd have initiated a new 10-year partnership, under which the latter will provide select equipment to the college’s smart form in support of operations and research. So far, SeedMaster has donated a SeedMaster Toolbar–to deliver precise seed and fertilizer placement–and a UltraPro II 550–which supports individual row metering. SAIT’s School of Transportation was recently gifted a 1975 Bell 206 MSN 1682 Helicopter from Eagle Copters Ltd and a Jetstream 41 aircraft flight compartment from donor and former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot Marty Abbott. These donations will benefit SAIT’s aviation programming and provide students with hands-on training opportunities.

Red Deer Advocate (Olds) | SAIT