ON invests $7.25M into agri-food industry research through UoGuelph-led Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance

The Government of Ontario has announced a $7.25M investment into agri-food research through the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance. The Alliance is a collaboration between the University of Guelph and the provincial government that supports Ontario’s agri-food systems. The funding will support 50 projects that focus on topics such as packaging, fruit and vegetable shelf-life, and the impact of climate change on farmers’ mental health. “Through our partnership with the University of Guelph, we are helping Ontario’s agri-food sector grow and innovate so that farmers can remain competitive on a global scale and Ontario can continue to be a leader in agri-food,” said ON Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs Lisa Thompson. ON| UoGuelph Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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