Collège d’Alma, Camosun, Royal Roads mark April’s Fool Day


In honour of April Fool’s Day, several institutions put out special news items.  Collège d’Alma’s communications team put out a special release with an artificial intelligence theme. In the release, d’Alma claimed that the cegep had become the first in Québec to offer courses that are entirely delivered by AI. Collège d’Alma clarified that while this was a prank, they are looking into the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI in postsecondary education. The college warmly encouraged its community to share the “news” on Facebook and wished them happy fishing. Camosun College announced that Alaska, a Tabby Cat, would be working remotely as Camosun library’s “Online Leisure Expurrrt.” Alaska would help students looking to conduct a “litter-ature search” or wanting to hunt for articles about catnip. At Royal Roads, President Philip Steenkamp sat down to connect with the university’s “x-citing” new professor, Dr Deadpool.

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