Pre-med peer support group restarts at CBU


A pre-med peer support group at Cape Breton University has been restarted to provide supports to those who are interested in pursuing medical school. Mykel Denny of Eskasoni First Nation, who is currently studying biology at CBU in hopes of becoming a doctor, was told that the group was inactive due to COVID-19 restrictions and a lack of interest, and spearheaded the group’s revival. Denny noted that most students who are preparing for medical school need support to navigate the entry requirements, protocols, and procedures. “It is a very scary and tedious process,” said Denny. “But having a team or a group of people you can fall back on is such a huge benefit for anybody.” The group is hoping to offer resources for students, which may include Medical College Admission Test prep material, opportunities to practice interview skills, or a podcast with interviews and mentorship.