Protests, demonstrations continue as institutions call for end to encampments

Protests, demonstrations, and encampments are continuing on several university campuses. At the University of Toronto, protesters reportedly ignored a trespass notice issued by the institution. Instead, they held a rally alongside the Ontario Federation of Labour at the eviction deadline of 8 AM on Monday. Protesters at the University of Waterloo are ignoring the university’s calls for occupants to leave. The University of Alberta and University of Calgary are also facing more public pushback for their response to protests on campus: UAlberta’s arts faculty council passed a non-confidence vote against the university president while over 600 students, alumni, and staff submitted an open letter to UCalgary to voice their “disappointment and horror” with the response to the protest on campus. (U of T, CP) | CTV News (UWaterloo) | CBC (UAlberta) | City News (UCalgary)