QC adopts Bill 96, Indigenous groups protest implementation of bill

The Government of Quebec has adopted Bill 96, which aims to protect the French language in QC but has recently been the subject of controversy. The bill has come under fire from critics, which include Indigenous groups who say that the law will push students to study outside the province and add another barrier to postsecondary education. Before the bill was adopted Kahnawake students led a protest march, and the Kahnawake nation has now announced that it will be suspending political engagement with QC until a solution has been found. CTV News says that the new bill will cap enrolment levels at English-language cégeps, introduce new French-language requirements for those studying at English-language cégeps, and change staffing at colleges which may include hiring additional French-language instructors and could put the jobs of English-language instructors at risk. CTV News (1)| CTV News (2)| The Globe and Mail| CBC

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