Questions arise around Huawei projects at ULaval

Questions have arisen around Huawei research projects that are being conducted at Université Laval after former NSERC vice president Margaret McCuaig-Johnston shared her concerns about the use of research for military applications. McCuaig-Johnston said that research on photonics could advance the Chinese army’s technology. Journal de Montréal said that ULaval Rector Sophie D’Amours has confirmed that the university is undertaking $13M in active projects with Huawei, all of which are co-funded or entirely funded by Ottawa. D’Amours said that the projects have been reviewed by a federal national security support policy, and that the federal government has the necessary skills and knowledge in geopolitical issues to identify security risks. Journal de Montréal (1)| Journal de Montréal (2) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

Journal de Montréal (1) | Journal de Montréal (1) | Journal de Montréal (1)