Re-evaluating the recent discussion around international student asylum claims: Opinion


In an article for the Conversation, Yvonne Su (York University), Corey Robinson (University of Glasgow), and Sean Rehaag (YorkU) discuss the recent allegations that international students may be misusing Canada’s immigration system. The authors argue that focusing on refugee claim approvals provides a more well-rounded view of the issue. They assert that the increase in asylum claims from international students should be considered within the context of global instability, violence, and a growing number of displaced people. They write that refugee fraud is rare and warn against alarmist rhetoric that may overlook this broader context. “It is misleading to imply that it is ‘alarming’ and ‘unacceptable’ for someone to make a refugee claim simply because they are an international student,” write the authors. “Seeking asylum is a right they have under both international and Canadian law.”

The Conversation