Recognizing and overcoming barriers to inclusive teaching: Opinion

Two recent articles discuss the challenges posted by inclusive teaching for faculty who are seen as having less authority. Chavella Pittman and Thomas J Tobin discuss how adjunct faculty, faculty members of colour, or faculty who are differently abled often face difficulties when attempting to implement inclusive teaching methods. Both Pittman – a Black, female professor – and Tobin – a white, male instructor – share their experiences introducing near-identical flexible deadlines and ungrading policies and receiving deeply different reactions. John Warner shares his response to this article in Inside Higher Ed, and adds a further suggestion that instructors consider inclusive teaching through the lenses of atmosphere and responsibility and request that students “put in the effort commensurate with their own desires” rather than giving up their own power. Chronicle of Higher Ed (Subscription)| Inside Higher Ed (Subscription) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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