Reflecting on the creation, future of NIUSLA: Editorial

In a recent article from University Affairs, Matthew Halliday discusses the process and inspiration behind creating the National Indigenous University Senior Leaders Association (NIUSLA). Halliday says that the isolation felt during the early days of the pandemic inspired First Nations University President Jacqueline Ottmann, a Salteaux who previously worked at the University of Saskatchewan, and Michael Hart, vice-provost of Indigenous engagement at the University of Calgary, to discuss the creation of an association that would unite senior Indigenous administrators at institutions across Canada and drive systemic change. NIUSLA unites Indigenous leadership at 29 universities and seeks to address the need for real support for Indigenous administrators, expand its membership, and address Indigenous identity fraud. “[Our] diversity is vast, as is the distance between us,” said Ottmann. “This can be seen as a limitation, but I see it as strength.” University Affairs Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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