Reimagining orientation for international students: Editorial

Opinion Study

In a recent editorial, Takhmina Shokirova (University of Regina), Lisa Ruth Brunner (University of British Columbia), Karun Kishor Karki (University of the Fraser Valley), Capucine Coustere (Universit√© Laval), and Negar Valizadeh (University of Ottawa) offer an alternative approach to international student orientation programming. Reflecting on their lived experiences, the authors assert that international student orientation can sometimes exacerbate feelings of exclusion, ignore the presence of international students’ families, and reproduce colonial legacies. They suggest that orientation programming should be reconceptualized as a fluid, ongoing process rather than a one-off presentation and encourage orientation organizers to adjust their programming to better reflect the multifaceted identities of international students.

University Affairs (Editorial) | Journal of Teaching and Learning