Report brings up issues around treatment of contract workers

A new report by Contract Worker Justice @SFU has raised issues around the treatment of Service Pros and Chartwells Canada employees who are contracted out to work at Simon Fraser University. The report says that cleaning staff and food-service workers experience a variety of issues such as unfair pay, unsafe practices, and undignified treatment. The coalition says that the workers’ wages are lower than the living wage in the area, and that contract employees do not receive the same benefits as regular SFU employees such as childcare on campus, tuition waivers for their children, libraries, or internet access. The report’s authors have called on SFU to improve the working conditions of the employees by bringing them in-house. “Whether those companies are in-house or contracted, SFU is committed to ensure all workers are treated fairly,” read a statement from SFU. CBC| CBC Radio| Burnaby Beacon| Report (PDF) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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