Sask Polytech forms two partnerships facilitating student opportunities

Saskatchewan Polytechnic recently formed two partnerships to facilitate new opportunities for students. Sask Polytech and New Southern Plains Métis Local 160 (NSPML) have signed an MOU that will facilitate collaboration with the Métis of Moose Jaw and encourage inclusion of Métis culture within Saskatchewan’s education systems. The partnership will involve a variety of projects, such as language revitalization initiatives and the promotion of Métis culture and resources. Sask Polytech’s welding programs also recently partnered with FROST festival to create metal fire boxes to serve as warming stations. Students in Sask Polytech’s two welding certificate programs fabricated the boxes as part of a hands-on welding project. Sask Polytech (MOU)| Sask Polytech (FROST festival) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

Sask Polytech (MOU) | Sask Polytech (MOU) | Sask Polytech (MOU)