SK releases Budget 2023-24 with $764.8M investment in PSE


The Government of Saskatchewan released its 2023-24 budget this week. A total of $764.8M is being invested in postsecondary education. Global News reports that operating and capital grants stay the same as last year as SK enters the third year of a four-year funding agreement with postsecondary institutions. $58.9M will be provided for postsecondary infrastructure and maintenance work, as well as an increased investment of $47.0M for student supports and $65M for the Graduate Retention Program. SK is also reportedly investing $38M to support the continued expansion of training seats in education and nursing programs. “We need the staffing to happen,” said health critic Vicki Mowat. “It’s a lot of training seats for post-secondary which are absolutely welcomed, but we are talking about things that are years down the road and very short on details.”

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