Students at NBCC, ACC, UToronto redirect supplies, create food cupboards to ensure access to food

Students at multiple postsecondary institutions have recently launched new initiatives to ensure their community has reliable access to food. A team of New Brunswick Community College students installed a community pantry in the Riverview community of Moncton that has been filled with donations of packaged foods and goods for families in need. Assiniboine Community College recently installed a community fridge for staff and students, which was initially proposed by ACC student Sara Madill. At the University of Toronto, a student-run chapter of MealCare is collecting, redistributing, and delivering surplus food from campus eateries and grocery stores to local shelters and meal programs. “MealCare is providing a meaningful solution by contributing to sustainability while helping people find food security, a basic human right,” said UToronto student Ana Laura Noda González. CBC (NBCC)| U of T| Brandon Sun Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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