Students experience stress, challenges making career decisions as pandemic impacts continue

Postsecondary pathways and their future careers are creating noticeably high stress among young students today, writes Caitlin Yardley of the Canadian Press. Yardley shares the stories of students whose career decision-making process has been altered by the pandemic. Concordia University student Juliet Keeley chose to study psychology after seeing the pandemic’s impact on mental health, but noted that some of her peers have changed their plans to avoid in-demand professions after better understanding the toll of high-stress careers such as nursing. Additionally, some are choosing to study strategically in hopes of better financial security or are not pursuing postsecondary education at all due to the cost. Erjona Mulellari, program manager at Montreal’s Youth on the Rise work placement program, noted that some students are also nervous about committing to a career track due to the uncertainty about what the future will bring. SaskToday Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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