Supporting transitions to careers outside academia: Opinion

Academics who transition to careers outside of higher education should focus on their transition into their new role so that they can flourish, writes Brandy L Simula. Simula discusses how career transitions can be used as an opportunity to consider what habits, patterns, or routines from a past academic role have been beneficial and could be carried into their new role, and to cultivate healthy boundaries to ensure their well-being. The author encourages those who have recently transitioned into a non-academic role to expand their professional networks, be curious about how things work, and connect with those working in the new field or who have transitioned to careers outside academia. “[G]ive yourself time, space and grace to be a human learning a new organizational culture and career path while also navigating a significant identity transition,” writes Simula. Inside Higher Ed (Acct. Req.) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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