Textbook publishing company Pearson demonstrates an interest in using NFTs

Recent articles by Bloomberg and Business Insider discuss Pearson’s interest in using NFTs for second-hand textbook sales. Textbook resales are a common practice for students, with Pearson CEO Andy Bird noting that physical textbooks are resold up to seven times each. The move to digital diminishes this secondary market, Bird explained, and the company is exploring the use of blockchain and NFTs to “participate in every sale of that particular [textbook] as it goes through its life.” A company spokesperson told the Insider that the company does not have specific plans related to the technology, but that they are exploring how it could be used to improve learning for students, create transparency, and bring value to other stakeholders. Bloomberg reports that the NFT market has taken a downturn, but that Bird’s comments highlight how publishers are exploring new ways to better shift to a digital market. Bloomberg| Business Insider Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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