Thorneloe appeals decision related to $9.8M claim against Laurentian

Thorneloe University is appealing a decision denying its $9.8M claim against Laurentian University, according to CTV News. Thorneloe was one of three federated universities to lose its affiliation to Laurentian through the Companies’ Creditor Arrangement Act process, and it previously claimed $9.8M in losses. The university was granted around $1.5M in damage claims to pay severance to former staff, and an appeal of the decision will be heard tomorrow. Thorneloe has also requested that the case be handled by a mediator. Justice Geoffrey B Morawetz wrote in a decision that “it is pure speculation to suggest that a mediated resolution will save costs,” and argued that Thorneloe’s request for mediation has been made late in the process. CTV News Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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