TWU denies LGBTQ support group’s request to hold storytelling event on campus


An LGBTQ support group at Trinity Western University has been denied permission to host a storytelling event on campus, report CBC and Global News. The group, One TWU, reportedly held the event on campus each fall from 2014 up to the pandemic. When the group requested to hold the event on campus this year, One TWU co-director and TWU student Carter Sawatzky says it was rejected with the rationale that the event was being held by an “external group.” Sawatzky told CBC that the group has also not been permitted to put up posters about its services or events since a change in senior leadership in 2019. “This decision to not have us on campus is something that doesn’t reflect [the fact that] TWU is made up of good students and faculty who are inclusive, supportive, critical thinkers,” Sawatzky told CBC.

Global News | CBC