UBC professor resigns citing lack of action to address antisemitism


The University of British Columbia is pledging to make changes in the wake of the resignation of associate professor of medicine Dr Ted Rosenberg. City News reports that Rosenberg claims the university has failed to meaningfully address alleged antisemitism after he repeatedly brought up concerns about issues within the faculty related to the Gaza conflict. CTV and the Vancouver Sun report that Rosenberg’s resignation letter referenced a recent petition circulated by a medical student, as well as “anti-Jewish statements and memes” published on social media by another professor. UBC Spokesperson Kurt Heinrich noted that the faculty is working “expediently to develop educational opportunities for inclusive learning and respectful dialogue within the faculty in areas that directly reflect our stated values.” Rosenberg told CTV that he is optimistic about the faculty’s next steps, but that he has no plans to retract his resignation.

City News | CTV News | Vancouver Sun