UBCO students call for bus service expansion, cite safety risks with current schedule

University of British Columbia Okanagan students have started an online petition to call for the expansion of bus service between Quail Ridge and UBCO. CBC reports that BC Transit only runs buses on this route until 5:40 pm on weekdays, but some students have classes that do not end until 9:30pm. Petition co-lead and UBCO student Peyton Twardochleb says that the lack of bus service forces students to choose between walking on “a dangerous unlit trail” or alongside a busy roadway for four kilometers to get back home to Quail Ridge. “We believe in order to change the safety of people in the area, we must provide safe alternatives, including city transport,” said Twardochleb. The City of Kelowna and BC Transit told CBC that an expansion is not immediately possible due to limited financial resources, but plans for an expansion are included in a three-year proposal. CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.