ULaval rector candidates share vision for institution, discuss past records

With the race for the rectorship officially launched at Université Laval, Journal de Montréal sat down with the two candidates – current rector Sophie D’Amours and former vice-rector Éric Bauce – to discuss their track record and future vision for the institution. D’Amours shared her personal growth over her years in the role and discussed Laval’s controversial involvement with the Laurentia project and Port de Québec. D’Amours shared a vision of ULaval as an institution focused on impact with greater accessibility to students, society, and the community. Bauce called for an end to what he called the culture of opacity at the university, a claim that the Journal reports D’Amours also made in the last leadership race. Bauce shared that he had used the recent years to reflect on the university’s management model and suggested a new future model. Journal de Montréal (D’Amours)| Journal de Montréal (Bauce) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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