UMoncton President calls on NB to eliminate tuition fees rather than subsidize Beal nursing studies


Université de Moncton President Denis Prud’homme has called on the Government of New Brunswick to eliminate tuition fees for nursing students to boost the number in the province. Prud’homme spoke out against the recent announcement that would see the province subsidizing NB students who pursue Beal University’s nursing program in Maine. “There was a lack of transparency in the establishment of that program,” argued Prud’homme, who asserted that the grant was “inequitable” to students pursuing their Bachelor of Nursing at UMoncton or at the University of New Brunswick. Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission CEO Catherine Stewart told MLAs that the commission has agreed to fast-track Beal’s two-step assessment process to help the university win final approval for the nursing program agreement, but that Beal has not yet submitted its program proposal for approval.

Telegraph-Journal (Acct Req) | CBC