UoGuelph faces lawsuits from professor, on-campus volunteer


Two lawsuits have reportedly been filed against the University of Guelph. CTV News and the Guelph Mercury report that professor Dr Byram Bridle is suing the university and its administration for $3M, alleging “overlapping conspiracies” against him, “significant loss of standing,” loss of income and equipment, damage to his career, mental anguish, and life endangerment due to his views on COVID-19 vaccinations and his public statements on the issue. Bridle is also seeking a permanent injunction to allow him to “freely be present” at the campus. CTV also reports that a $2.5M lawsuit has been filed against the university and the University of Guelph Community Police Service by a woman who alleges that she was tackled on campus property after completing volunteering activities in the area, resulting in a broken arm. On both cases, the university has indicated that it cannot comment on the issues as they are before court.

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