UoGuelph, UCalgary embark on psilocybin mushroom research


Scholars at two different universities are embarking on research into the potential uses of psilocybin mushrooms. The University of Guelph has struck a partnership with psilocybin cultivator and supplier Rose Hill to explore the potential application of psilocybin in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Meanwhile, the University of Calgary has launched what the Calgary Herald calls the “largest single-site trial of its kind in Canada” to explore how psilocybin could help address alcohol-use disorder. “What’s new is taking a scientific approach to demonstrate it has an impact,” said UCalgary Professor Dr David Hodgins. “There are a lot of beliefs about what the possibilities are — it would be really nice to see the science there.” Newswire (UoGuelph) | Calgary Herald (UCalgary) | Nation Talk (UCalgary)