UQuébec network expresses support for QC plan to raise out-of-province tuition, calls for refocusing of debate


The Université du Québec network has expressed its support for the Government of Québec’s recent proposal to raise tuition for out-of-province students. In an open letter, 10 presidents and rectors from institutions in the UQuébec network indicated that they were in favour of QC’s approach. However, they believed that the focus should be shifted onto the core of the issue: The underfunding of French-language universities. The letter writers state that one aspect of QC’s proposal could involve income from tuition fees being redistributed to French-language universities, thereby rebalancing current inequities. With this increased income, UQuébec leadership argues that French-language universities in QC would be able to contribute more to the social, scientific, cultural, and economic development of the province.

UQAM | Radio-Canada | Journal de Montréal