URegina, UVic experience budget constraints, international enrolment declines


Two universities are reportedly taking steps to address budget constraints and declines in enrolment. CBC reports that the University of Regina has urged its faculties and administrative units to reduce their budgets by up to 7%. University of Regina Faculty Association President Britt Hall said that the cuts will likely entail a reduction in sessional lecturers and that staff who retire will not be replaced. The challenges facing the university include high inflation, visa-processing delays, and a decline in international student enrolment. A 4% budget cut was announced at the University of Victoria that will take effect as of April 1st, reports Chek News. UVic head of finance and operations Kristi Simpson explained that the issue is not unique to UVic, as many institutions are facing challenges such as lowered enrolment, especially among international students; issues related to the study permit processing delays; and a recovering labour market drawing away potential students to job opportunities.

Chek News (UVic) | CBC (URegina)