Using a three-phase networking approach to build relationships: Opinion

In order to develop career-focused skills and avoid feeling overwhelmed, PhD students should take a strategic approach to networking, writes University of Toronto PhD graduate Anne Meyer-Miner. Meyer-Miner introduces a three-phase approach that students can use when networking. In the first stage, students are encouraged to use events to collect information about what kinds of career fields they would like to work in. The second phase focuses on immersion in fields of interest through participation in programs and volunteer work, while the third sees students connecting through targeted engagement and volunteer work, helping others with their challenges, and supporting classmates and colleagues. “[U]se your time to explore different career paths, become involved in the areas that interest you and connect with the professionals and peers you meet along the way,” writes Meyer-Miner. Inside Higher Ed Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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