USudbury, Thorneloe, Huntington reflect on reinvention two years after end of federation agreement


Université de Sudbury, Thorneloe University, and Huntington University have shared an update on their reinvention two years after the termination of the federation agreement. USudbury has embarked on a journey to become a French-language university, renovated its residence, and undergone substantive staffing changes. Thorneloe cut its programming to only offer theology studies and now operates with seven employees and 65 students. Thornloe President John Gibaut said that the university draws its income from its residence, the School of Theology, and the theatre. reports that Huntington has “not offered courses or programs for the past two years,” aside from operating institutes like the Lougheed Teaching and Learning Centre. The university is currently exploring opportunities to develop and deliver university-level education in the future, both independently and through partnerships.