With election looming, AB NDP pledges to support students by reversing tuition hikes, freezing tuition


As the Alberta provincial election draws closer, AB’s New Democratic Party has pledged to support students if it is elected. The Red Deer Advocate reports that Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley plans to make a variety of changes, including reversing tuition hikes, implementing a tuition freeze at the 2022-23 level, and capping future increases to the level of inflation. The changes would save students around $102M in the next academic year. Notley said that the NDP would also complete a full review of AB’s postsecondary funding and tuition and include students in the conversation. The University of Alberta Students’ Union President Abner Monteiro said that students are particularly concerned about these issues, as some must choose between necessities such as food, shelter, medication, books, and tuition.

Red Deer Advocate | Calgary Herald