Writing job ads that encourage minority, women candidates to apply: Opinion

In a recent article for Inside Higher Ed, Eliza C Bettinger discusses how institutions can tailor their job ads to better attract minority and women candidates. In addition to crafting an intriguing job description with a high-level view of the job, Bettinger suggests focusing on providing minimum qualifications, identifying which qualifications require specific experience and which can be met with a mix of past experience, and ensuring that the ad avoids jargon and assumptions. The author recommends dropping “preferred qualifications,” as this may discourage qualified applicants from applying, and ensure that salary is appropriate to the minimum qualifications. Finally, Bettinger encourages ad writers to include specific qualifications that are related to diversity, inclusion, and equity and ensure candidates who are considered for the job meet these qualifications. Inside Higher Ed (Acct. Req.) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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