Algonquin instructors go north to train future shelter workers in Sanikiliuaq 


Algonquin College instructors are going north to train future shelter workers in the hamlet of Sanikiliuaq, Nunavut. The instructors will deliver a 10-month program to women who will work in an under-development women’s and children’s shelter. The education will be sensitive to the culture and community and tailored specifically to the needs of women in the hamlet. Algonquin is working with students to collaboratively develop the curriculum so that it is applicable to local circumstances. “[We] are creating the courses as we go, but still meeting the curriculum required for Algonquin College,” said women and children’s shelter supervisor for Sanikluaq Bev Rumley. Those who complete the program will achieve a social work certificate through Algonquin’s corporate training program. 

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