Change is needed to restore pride in postsecondary, immigration systems: Opinion

In a recent Policy Options article, Institute for Research on Public Policy editor Rosanna Tamburri argues that postsecondary funding is vital to restore pride in the postsecondary education and immigration systems. Tamburri offers an overarching look at several aspects of the relationship that Canada has with these systems, including the current difficulties with immigration and higher education; the public-private partnerships in Ontario and a lack of related provincial oversight or risk mitigation strategies; and the rapid influx of international students and associated concerns regarding treatment of students, the housing shortage, and strain on health-care services. She discusses how these factors have led to the current cap on international student permits. The author concludes by calling for the provincial governments to restore adequate funding to postsecondary institutions and for postsecondary institutions to take the initiative to scale back operations to work with a smaller number of domestic students.

Policy Options