NETC faces financial difficulties as students struggle to access classes, instructors report lack of pay

The Native Education and Training College is facing allegations from students that it is accepting tuition and fees without offering courses or making it possible for them to finish their programs. The college is reportedly facing financial troubles, as Bay Today states that the college’s doors have been locked since mid-February due to “non-payment of rent” in the amount of nearly $18K. Three instructors have also reportedly filed complaints with the Labour Board after not receiving pay. When asked for comment, NETC administrator Larry Stewart stated that the “college is open and [it is] fine.” The students shared their experiences with being unable to access the software hosting NETC’s online courses, struggling to reach the college with their questions and concerns, and not receiving a promised refund. The Government of Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities told CTV News that the Superintendent of Career Colleges is working with the parties to facilitate a resolution.

Bay Today | CTV News | CTV News (Video)