ON allots 96% of permit applications to public institutions

The Globe and Mail reports that ON will be allotting 96% of its international study permit applications to publicly assisted colleges and universities. The remaining 4% will go to language schools, private universities, and “other institutions,” while career colleges will reportedly not receive any applications. ON stated that it will be prioritizing programs in high-demand areas such as the skilled trades, health, human resources, hospitality, childcare, and STEM. Applications will not be able to exceed an institution’s 2023 study permit levels and the ratio of permits cannot exceed 55% of the institution’s first-year domestic enrolment. “We are protecting the integrity of our province’s postsecondary education system by attracting the best and brightest international students to Ontario to study in areas that are critical to our economy,” ON Minister of Colleges and Universities Jill Dunlop said in a statement.

ON | Globe and Mail (Acct Req)